Righteous C.M.C. was launched in May 1995, having been invited by the Senior Pastor Tony Hallow to place this ministry under the covering of Petersham A.O.G.
The club was initially called RIGHTEOUS Motorcycle Ministries International and really kicked off with a camp held over the June long weekend. ‘Boot Camp’ near Richmond.
Since then we’ve had other successful camps in the following years. Jan 1998 saw the club move from Petersham A.O.G. to Sydney Christian Life Centre at Waterloo. The club name was also modified to RIGHTEOUS AUSTRALIA.
May 1999 saw the inclusion of ‘Christian Motorcycle Club’ (C.M.C.) in usage of the club name. Much of the early ministry was in Churches, High Schools, Youth groups and street witnessing, with a component of outreach to motorcyclists. 

Founding members of Righteous were:
Robert and Melanie Alderton
Mario Grech
Tony and Cynthia Murphy
Nigel Holmes
Ray Henderson
Rob Vale
Wayne Tauroa

Initially meetings were held at Caringbah in Sydney’s southern suburbs. Then to a hall at Petersham AOG. With the move to S.C.L.C. our meetings also moved; to Robert and Melanie’s house in Annandale. From May 1999 the meetings were being held at Glebe Neighbourhood Centre. 

Runs have been as far a field as Tamworth and Cooma. In all weathers, with all kinds of riders. Opportunities have been taken to ride with and visit Outlaw Clubs. Spending possibly hundreds of hours befriending these men, on their turf. Also attending touring club’s rallies.

Tony and Cynthia Murphy are two of the original members.  In 1998 the ministry was moved to Sydney CLC and known as "Righteous Australia".   After celebrating its 10th anniversary, members  started to wear a back patch.

In January 2010, GNI (Girls Night In) began through Di, Cynthia and Lisa C as means of outreach and fellowship.  All girls in the bike scene were welcomed.  In June 2010, RPM (Righteous Prayer Meetings) commenced. It is held weekly since September 2013.

In August 2010, the annual run to Wellington became a turning point to the ministry and there were 3 new "noms" (nominees) in December 2010.  From October 2012, Righteous CMC was committed to serving others.  The numbers increased to 7 full members, 1 nominee and 2 associates. 

2015 has seen Righteous celebrate 20 years, with a combined celebration with our covering church - The Rock Worship Centre.

We look forward to what God has in store for us!!!


Initially there was no embroidery, front or rear. With our first strip being a small purple Nominee strip worn by all riding members. This happened in the first 6 months. It took substantially longer to produce our emblem. Not that our ideas were unclear, but clearly representing our philosophy in a graphic form was no easy task. One of our aims is to do new things. This means a new approach to representing a Christian Motorcycle Club. Not with stereotypical Christian symbols, but distinctly and uniquely in a contemporary manner. Our desire to be different is not based on an attitude of superiority, but of an appreciation of our creativity in Christ and a confidence to wear challenging colours (banner). On the 10th Anniversary ride to Forster the club took a step of faith and put on a back patch for the 1st time.

Club Logo

The Righteous Colours (Logo) were designed to be more than just identification. But that they would make a statement; providing opportunities to testify of Jesus Christ. (And it has done, many times!) We have sought to avoid ‘typically’ religious icons and do something new.

How many symbolic ideas does the righteous logo contain:

Here’s just a few.


Righteous. This is what God has done in us, not of ourselves. By Jesus’ crucifixion, death and resurrection; our believing and receiving in his atoning sacrifice, makes us righteous. Righteous is also a term of great approval by non-Christians.

Writing style

The font is similar to a gothic style. The world does not have a monopoly on sub-cultural symbols.


Purple and Silver. Purple was the most expensive dye (colour) to use in bible times. Used by the priesthood and royalty. Silver the second most valuable metal. Jesus was sold for pieces of silver.

The Blood

Our salvation was purchased with Jesus’ Blood.

The Cross 

Centre letter of our club’s name. By the cross, was Jesus’ Blood shed! And the core of the gospel.

The Tombstone
Jesus triumphed over death and hell, and rose from the grave. The tombstone is a symbol of death, that and other images are glorified by the biker subculture.
The Bike
Symbolising adventure, and an aggressive in your face lifestyle for the LORD. Active not passive. A customised H…..D….., but could be any modern motorcycle. Not a stock bike. God wants us to be individuals and personalise our approach to Him, people, your bike and ministry. Inclusive, open to new people and ideas. Breaking through, and not accepting the status quo.


Previously Righteous CMC were involved in many different ministries ranging from street preaching in Kings Cross, elderly and youth rides, to rallies and shows to visiting gaols and drug and rehab centres.  Righteous CMC are committed to serving churches, other clubs, other bikers and whoever God leads us to. 

Recently Righteous CMC had a word from God brought to us by the president of " Objective Promised Land CMC",  New Caledonia.  He exhorted us to leave the past behind, as God wants to create something new.  He will give us power and authority.  We are to take this legacy to Australia and beyond.  God wants to give us a future to glorify Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.